Employer Registration

On-line Registration is closed

IMPORTANT :: You must complete all three steps during your session. If you fail to complete all three steps your registration will not be complete and may delay processing of your account. Please do not start unless you have 10 mins to complete all steps

Step 1 :: Registration Information

Please make sure you are the main contact person for SPE recruiting. If you are filling out the information for someone else please make sure that person understands that they will be getting information from the SPE Conference

Step 2 :: Employer Information

Step 2 involves Employer Information, this will be the first section candidates see to begin the job searching process. The person filling out this section will become the primary contact for this company.

  1. Check the current list of employers to see if your institution is listed.
  2. If your institution is NOT listed continue with registration
  3. If your institution is listed, please do not fill out the step 2, and continue your institution and let the head contact person add you to the account.
  4. If your institution is listed, but you are a different department, you can add that department with a " - ". For example: University of Memphis - Res Life is a good addition.
Step 3 :: Contact Information

Step 3 involves creating contact information for the primary person on the account. This person will be the first person associated with this account and will be the primary contact.

  1. Fill out all the information in the form
  2. Once you submit the information check your email inbox for an authorization email.
  3. After you follow the link to authorize your account you will be able to log into the system.
  4. Once you have accesed the "Dashboard", the first step will be to update your profile.

If you have read all instructions and fully understand the process please proceed to step 2

Complete Step 1